Helpful Hints for Parties – please read!


Q. How much does it cost to book Ray’s Playhouse?
A. The charge for a 3 ½ hours session (either 9.30am-1pm or 2.30pm – 6pm) is £165 payable in advance.

Q. Is there a deposit to pay?
A. The £50 deposit is now taken as part of the booking fee. This will be refunded to your credit/debit card after your party.  Any costs for extra cleaning, rubbish removal, breakages or the alarm being set off will be taken from this deposit.

Q. Can I cancel my booking after I have paid?
A. If you need to cancel your booking you will only be refunded 50% of the charge if we are able to re-let your cancelled slot.  We strongly advise you to read all the information below, check our Terms and Conditions and visit the Playhouse before you confirm your booking.

Q. How long is the booked session?
A. You are paying for a 3 ½ hour session on Saturday and Sunday and a 3 hour session on Fridays.  Unless you have arranged for a slightly different time or longer session, you will be expected to be totally finished and cleaned up by either 1pm or 6pm.  If you are not finished at this time, you will be charged £5 for every extra 10 minutes and this cost will be taken from  your deposit.

Q. Who can I contact for information about booking the Playhouse?
A. You can contact Ray’s Playhouse, Monday to Friday, during normal hours on 020 7371 9200.  You can drop in anytime, Monday to Friday, between 9.30-12.00.  You will be given a contact number for our member of staff who will meet you on the day once you have completed and paid for your booking.

Q. How many people can use the space?
A. There is space for up to 60 children and adults.

Q. What equipment is included in my booking?
A. Tables and chairs for 30 children.  3 large tables and 20 adult chairs.  Toys or play equipment will not be available for use during your party.

Q. What kitchen facilities are available?
A. There is a small kitchen with a serving hatch.  There is a sink, small larder fridge, cooker with 4 electric rings, a single oven and a freestanding microwave.  There is a kettle, however if you wish to serve hot drinks you will need to supply your own cups and tea/coffee.

Q. Can we arrange a party that involves animals?
A. Please get in touch with us on 020 7371 9002 or to discuss any party that involves animals .

Q. Is there a sound system we can use?
A. You will need to bring your own equipment to play music.

Q. Can we include fireworks and a BBQ at our party?
A. No fireworks or BBQ’s are permitted inside or outside the premises.

Q. Can I have a bouncy castle?
A. If you wish to bring a bouncy castle it can only be used outside.  Please note the maximum dimensions are 5m x 5m.

Q. Can we use the outdoor space?
A. Of course you are welcome to enjoy our wonderful outdoor space and equipment.  Please ensure you double check the area for rubbish at the end of your party, as any additional clearing that is required by our staff will result in part of your deposit being retained.

Q. Can I have helium balloons in the building?
A. We allow helium balloons, but insist that all balloons are removed at the end of the party.  If you leave behind a rogue balloon it will set off the alarm and your deposit will be retained as payment for the key holder and alarm company visit.

Q. Is any parking provided.
A. We are able to provide 2 parking bays at the front of the building.  The 3rd bay is private and we ask that all users of the Playhouse respect this and park with care and attention.

Q. What might I forget to bring?
A. A knife to cut the cake.  Matches for your candles.  Bin liners – lots!  Cleaning materials – surface and floor cleaner.  Extra toilet rolls.

Q. Can I leave my rubbish bags at the end of the party?
A. No, you will need to remove all rubbish from the premises.  If you leave bin bags behind, you will be charged for the removal.

Q. Can I hang/stick up decorations?
A. You can decorate the Playhouse, but please do not use sticky tape anywhere in the Playhouse.  Tie with string and use blue tac.

Q. What cleaning equipment is provided?
A. You will find a dustpan and brush, broom and mop and bucket in either the kitchen or the disabled W.C.

Q. How many toilets are there?
A. There are 3 adult W.C.’s, 1 with disabled access and 4 children’s toilets.  Please be sure to bring toilet rolls.

Q. Can we use any WiFi at the Playhouse?
A. There is no WiFi available.


We are a registered Charity and all proceeds from renting the Playhouse go towards running costs of maintaining our service to families with young children in the community.